Believing in the importance of culture, education and art, the Kılınçarslan Foundation for Education, Arts and Culture (KAV) was established in 2011 to contribute to the universal language of art, and also use this as a tool to support education. KAV argues that the share we are going to get from life depends on our efforts, determination and work, during this process, the steps we take will carry us to the future and the most significant humane endeavor would be the virtue in our actions. Kılınçarslan Foundation for Education, Arts and Culture, by using the income obtained from its contribution to culture and art, provides scholarships to students who are successful in learning but lack financial means. Our foundation has undertaken the mission of creating difference in human life by creating authentic, innovative and lasting values to divert public sensitivity awareness to the future generations. KAV, being above politics, accepts as its task to contribute to the training of the scholars as citizens defending national values, self confident, respectful to different ideas and beliefs, honest and open, creative, indiscriminative for gender, religion, language and race, capable of self-criticism, and conscious of social responsibility. 

The great leader Atatürk, on March 1st, 1923, in his opening speech of Turkish Grand National Assembly, suggests education should be applicable and related with life and he says, “For practical and common education, it is needed to establish contemporary libraries, gardens with various plants and animals, conservatoires, workshops, museums, galleries and exhibition halls in major centers of the country.” 

With this awareness, in the galleries established within Kılınçarslan Foundation for Education, Arts and Culture it is acted to make use of the universal language of art and to leave a trail in minds with the activities realized. With their main purposes of increasing interest in art, supporting young artists, bringing together art and art lovers and preparing the ground for more discussions of art concepts, all revenues of KAV Art Gallery and KAV Young Art are transferred to public spirited Kılınçarslan Foundation for Education, Arts and Culture to be donated to students as scholarships.

 KAV Art Gallery and KAV Young Art, within the organization of the foundation, operate on a total area 350 sqm separated in two venues for purposes of exhibition, symposium, conference and similar activities. Each, hosting at least nine exhibitions a year, KAV Art Gallery and KAV Young Art aim at providing means for original works of art to be exhibited following the process of creation and to access a wide audience along with gathering the art, the artist and the artlover, and also increasing the recognition of artists in international platforms.  






KILINÇARSLAN FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION, ARTS and CULTURE Ilkbahar Mahallesi Konrad Adenauer Caddesi No: 61 06550 Çankaya - Ankara / TURKIYE T: +90 312 491 22 32 F: +90 312 491 22 21 / info@kavakfi.org.tr