Scholarship Terms

Terms of Candidacy: 1.      

To be nationals of Turkish Republic


To depend on Atatürk's principles and revolutions


Being deprived of financial opportunities: to be financially in need of support, not to work in  any sustained or insured job that is profitable and  not to take any scholarship, credit, salary or wage from any public or private organizations other than Credit and Hostels Institution.


Not having any record on judicial and disciplinary penalty.


For new registrants of higher education institution: for the ones who enters to the department:  to be between the first %25 in the university entrance exam; for the ones in the interim period: having overall success average at least 3.00 over 4.00 and being successful in all courses. For high school students: having overall success average at least 75 over 100, for the students in primary education: having overall success average at least 80 over 100, starting from the 4th grade.


Only one person can get a scholarship from the same family; the students of private universities, secondary teaching, distance education programs and undergraduate programs of the universities, Open University and the married ones cannot benefit from our scholarships.


Not to be suspended from any school as a result of a disciplinary penalty or legal prosecution even if they are pardoned by a private law or not to be dropped out of any school.


Not to be a member of associations, political parties or similar organizations that do not comply with the principles and objectives of the foundation, not serving them   intellectually or effectively. Above considerations can be researched by the foundation and as a result of these researches applications may not be processed. Announcement of Scholarships and Application:  -Last day for the application is 30th of October 2012. -Scholarship applications can be done on our website. -Scholarship applications can be done by following our announcements on bulletin boards of the schools. -At the beginning of each semester, every scholarship committee will be notified about nomination requirements and the number of students who will be given scholarships. Scholarship recipients selected by the scholarship committees appointed by Rectors of universities and Deans of faculties also will be evaluated by KAV. The students who seek for scholarships can apply to the Dean of their own faculty. -For foundationers to continue having scholarships next year, it is necessary to deliver the documents  declared in ‘Necessary Documents for Filing Scholarship’ part every single year to KAV. Necessary Documents for Filing Scholarship: -2 piece of 4,5x6 cm. passport size photo - id cart transcript - Residence certificate (of his and family), in case of staying in residence hall, document from the directorate of the dormitory - Extract of civil registry record - Judicial Records Document (for the students of higher education) - Scholarship Application Form - Student Affairs approved transcript, confirming document that the student accepted to the university. - Document indicating that the student has no disciplinary penalty. - Recent dated document indicating the status of monthly income of person/people who maintain family. (Payroll that will be taken from the place of work or where the income is earned; if the person is retired: photocopy of the first and the last page showing the recent retirement salary of his/her bank portfolio; if he/she is a Taxpayer then, a copy of Tax Board). Students whose mother or father is retired but also working, must document both incomes. If it is determined that real income did not documented, scholarship will be immediately terminated due to   misrepresentation and no liability will be accepted. -If the mother does not work, the photocopy of her (housewife) health record -Copy of lease for residents of a loan -Student certificate for sibling (from his/her own school) -A detailed petition includes a resume The required documents below shall be inspected  by KAV, and according to the results of inspection the application for the scholarship will be processed. Scholarship cut-off: -If stated information is found not to be true -In the case of judicial punishment or disciplinary penalty -If the student finishes or leaves his/her school -In the case of losing success in courses, semester or year without a valid reason -In the case of development in students financial status that will be enough for his/her education -In case of determination of disorders in student’s attitudes and general behavior contrary to the aims of the foundation -In the case of detection a state contrary to the above-mentioned circumstances Scholarship periods: Scholarships will be granted a total of 9 months. During registration of scholarships: Good faith agreement is signed. Provision of scholarships: Being gratuitous KAV scholarship does not include repayment or service obligation. However, it is preferred the scholars’ to take place in social projects. Scholarship Amount: The amount of scholarship is determined by  the Board of Directors each year, by taking into consideration the Foundation's financial strength. Conscientious Liability: Every beneficiary student who completes his/her education, remembering KAV’s humanitarian aid to him/her, after starting  his/her professional career should accept giving scholarships through KAV to the students  who lack financial means but successful like himself/herself or  striving to lead others to make donations to KAV for those student to complete their education  as a  conscientious responsibility.  

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